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About Our Services

At Moore Veterinary Hospital, we are proud to modern care in a compassionate, Fear Free certified practice. Our family owned and operated veterinary hospital seeks to provide the best possible care for all our highly valued patients.

We have been providing professional and compassionate care to family pets for over 80 years. As a full-service veterinary medical facility, we can provide your pet with everything from parasite prevention to dental care and laser surgery.

Dental Care

A sign of a healthy pet is a healthy mouth. Nobody enjoys a stinky mouth, but lapsing in dental care can cause some even more serious problems. Bring your pet in for a safe, yet thorough dental cleaning. Our practice is equipped with some of the best equipment including a dental X-Ray to help us quickly and accurately make diagnoses.

Hospice and Euthanasia
Saying goodbye to a cherished pet is one of the most difficult situations you’ll face as a pet owner. At Moore Veterinary Hospital, we offer compassionate euthanasia, pain management, and senior care to help pets pass away as painlessly as possible.
Laser Therapy and Surgery
Moore Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer laser therapy as a progressive new option for our clients who want the safest and least painful treatment option for their pets. Commonly used in human health care, laser technology is a proven option with a wide range of applications. Additionally, we utilize laser technology in surgeries to reduce complications and ensure quick recovery.


It can be very difficult to identify a pet if their collar or tag goes missing, which is why we insert a tiny microchip between the layers of their skin that contain their unique number. Ensure your pet can be identified and returned to you, should you ever lose track of them. Our microchipping process is a safe and fast procedure. Get your favorite companion their own identification that they cannot misplace.
Parasite Prevention

Parasites, including worms, pose a major health issues to animals. We carefully examine your pet and prescribe the best parasite prevention medication for your situation. Our doctors keep up with the most recent news and medical advances and work to keep you informed.

Pet Diagnosis
Often, we see our pets acting funny or strange and worry immediately that something is wrong. That’s a great instinct and we encourage you to bring your pet in anytime you notice something off about their behavior. Dogs and cats can’t tell us what hurts like a child can – so it is vital that we quickly assess and diagnose the issue before more serious health risks occur. Our practice is highly equipped with an X-Ray, ultrasound, and in-house lab to help us accurately assess your pet’s health. Click on “More Information” to play a fun game!

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