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Saying goodbye to a cherished pet is one of the most difficult situations you’ll face as a pet owner. At Moore Veterinary Hospital, we offer compassionate euthanasia, pain management, and senior care to help pets pass away as painlessly as possible.

Compassionate Treatment for Dying Pets

Saying goodbye to a cherished pet is one of the most difficult situations you’ll face as a pet owner. Trying to decide when it is time to say goodbye can be even more difficult. There are times when all medical capabilities have been exhausted and euthanasia is the only way to prevent your pet from suffering needlessly. The decision of when to euthanize is fraught with medical, financial, ethical, religious, moral, and sometimes legal considerations. Euthanasia is a medical procedure that needs to be discussed and considered thoroughly before a final decision is made. 

Deciding when your pet may need hospice care or euthanasia is a private and personal decision – but that doesn’t mean you have to make this difficult choice on your own. Moore Veterinary Hospital’s hospice and humane euthanasia services are conducted with respect, compassion, and care.

Pain Management

The approach we take towards pain management involves anticipating potentially painful procedures and taking steps to manage pain from the outset, as well as continuing to manage pain throughout your pet’s recovery process. Various types of pain can look different in animals. Fortunately, our staff of compassionate, caring professionals is skilled in recognizing signs of pain in animals.

Recognizing and alleviating pain in our patients is at the very heart of reliable, compassionate patient care. We don’t take pain management for granted, and will employ all our skills to ensure your pet’s comfort and well-being.


When considering your options for purchasing medication, there are many choices, including online pharmacies and mail-order catalogs. Before you purchase your next prescription or refill, ask about our fully stocked pharmacy to get you the best value for your money. We have the most complete medical information on your pets and offer reliable and personalized service.

We maintain a large inventory of veterinary pharmaceutical products and medications, including flea, tick, and heartworm preventative products. When you purchase medications from our pharmacy, you can rest assured knowing your pet’s medications were obtained from safe, reliable sources. 

If you want to be sure to get the most value for your money, as well as convenience and quality customer service, contact us for your next prescription or medication refill. You can count on our trained staff to fill your prescriptions with care and attention to detail.

Senior Care

Were you aware that pets age faster than people and can be considered “seniors” at around 7 years of age? Much like our health care needs change as we age, your pet’s health care needs also change. Nutritional needs, exercise habits, and your pet’s daily routine can all change as your pet ages.

Regular wellness visits are important for every stage of your pet’s life, especially when they are “seniors.” The best way to protect your pet is to understand their aging process – and we can help. Whether medication dosages need to be adjusted or treatments need to change, we’ll do what we can to keep your pet healthy.

Older pets make wonderful companions, and thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, pets are living longer than ever! As an important ally in your senior pet’s health care, we’re here to help ensure your pet stays happy and safe throughout their “golden years.”