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Dr. Kimberly Morden


Dr. Morden has been a great support for Moore Veterinary for a number of years, filling in when our veterinary team needed extra assistance, and now are happy to have added her as a permanent team member. She has wanted to be a vet since she was 5 years-old, and has been in the veterinary profession for almost 40 years. Dr. Morden is incredibly patient and works hard to ensure that our clients' fur babies are healthy and happy. When she’s not at work, she loves spending time with her husband, in her faith, and enjoys meeting people from other cultures.

A letter from the Doctor:

Moore Veterinary Hospital, established in 1936 is a client-oriented practice. Our first and foremost concern is to provide high-quality dental, medical, and surgical services for dogs and cats within the physical, emotional, and financial capabilities of the pet owner, and to provide a professional, compassionate environment for that pet owner.
We recognize and appreciate the competence and professionalism of our doctors and technicians, office personnel and support staff, without whose efforts the hospital could not function as it does. We look to promote high standards for all hospital staff, and to work together as a team to achieve these standards. MVH has an excellent reputation for quality patient care. This reputation has developed through the individual efforts of each employee to help each patient and client to the best of his or her ability.
Moore Veterinary Hospital undergoes a comprehensive evaluation of its facility, medical equipment, and practice methods by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) on a regular basis. Only 10% of all veterinary facilities in the United States are AAHA members. Members are required to keep up to date on advances in veterinary medicine through continuing education programs and publications. Moore Veterinary Hospital has been a member since 1955. Our continuing goal is to give you and your pet the best veterinary medicine has to offer.


Richard D. Nurse, D.V.M.

Moore Veterinary Hospital

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